Note di Gusto

Note di Gusto comes to life by a great passion for Sicilian food products, especially for cheese and cold cuts, expertly prepared with local recipes and techniques. Tradition, therefore, but not only. The quality of the production process, the selection of raw materials, the utmost care in packaging and transportation, are all elements that distinguish […]

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The historical Sicilian cheeses like Ragusano DOP, Sicilian Pecorino, Piacentinu Ennese, Maiorchino, and others, many of which are not known to the general public, are real “art dairy” cheeses, still produced with old processes handed down from generation to generation, evidence of a “biodiversity” that makes them unique and highly sought after by the most […]

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Sicilian Cold Cuts

In addition to cheese, Note di Gusto sells typical sicilian cold cuts, like Black Swine of Nebrodi cld custs and excellent salami of Chiaramonte Gulfi.

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Notes Taste aims to promote and enhance the production of cheese and salami Siciliani, with their special qualities

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